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Radio transmitter and receiver kit

The radio transmitter and receiver kit is a solar power battery-based system capable of operating at a range of 500- 1000 meters. This works as a village community service that can be used to broadcast some crucial information especially in the time of the pandemic.


A.Transmitter kit

(i)Polycrystalline Solar panel: 10W.

(ii)Lithium-Ion battery: 7Ah, 12V

(iii)9V FM Transmitter driver circuit.

(iv)Antenna for 87-108 MHz FM transmitter

Receiver kit

(i)Polycrystalline Solar panel: 3W.

(ii)Lithium-Ion  battery: 2Ah

(iii)5V FM Receiver driver circuit

The overall cost of the kit

A.FM Transmitter kit – Rs 8300/- (For 0.385 sq. km )

B. FM receiver kit – Rs. 880/-

Power-bank with battery charge level indicator (Add-on unit with MSD)


Battery based system :

(i) LED light: One can use the lamps for 2 hours.

(ii) Mobile charging through solar panel or
battery OR 1W exhaust fan operation for 3 hours



(i) LED bulb : 1W lamps.

(ii) Lithium-Ion Battery: 2Ah, 3.7 V.


Beneficiaries – Useful to villagers or farmers to operate remote applications
like mobile charging, exhaust fan in the kitchen or toilet.

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