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To promote the effective, sustainable and innovative large-scale deployment of the micro
solar dome (MSD) for renewable energy applications and social empowerment of
rural communities through integrated techno-social interventions and feedback
the approach in marginalized, SC and ST population as a scalable solution addressing
energy poverty holistically.

  • This DST funded project under the Centre is a large scale deployment and assessment project which is in the process of providing providing 44,000 rural households with solar illumination and mobile charging facility for small rooms and households.

  • A large multidisciplinary team is working on both assessment of socio-cultural impact as well technological augmentation of the MSD to make it both sustainable and more effective.


  • Deployment and installation of 44,000 Micro Solar Domes in 10 states for SC and ST communities.

  • Training of local personnel for developing skills for installation and repair of MSDs for their sustainable use.

  •  Procurement of materials such as Micro Solar Domes and Tools and Tackles required for the installation     training program.

  •  To conduct awareness programs among the users in several areas where MSDs will be installed.

  •  Fabrication of special type MSD with additional features suitable for different

  • Roofing pattern and climatic condition.

  •  Post Installation monitoring in association with IIT, Kharagpur and NBIRT


Specific Features of MSD:

1. Operates for a clean energy source

for day and night

2. Household lighting on 24 ×7 basis

3. Works as a room heater for cold


4. Mobile charging facility

5. Low cost, low maintenance and

long life

6. Ideal for urban slums and rural


7. Emission reduction 27kg per

month by a single MSD

8. Can be connected with grid directly

for power

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